Yoshihiro Kawaoka: Weaponizing Chicken Flu Since 1990, Funded By Fauci & Gates

The state of Wisconsin is dwelling to probably the most infamous virologist on the planet doing probably the most harmful lab work on this planet.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka on the College of Wisconsin at Madison creates illnesses much more lethal than COVID-19. His experiments (and lab security breaches) have been so scary that they triggered an Obama Administration moratorium. For the reason that Trump Administration lifted the moratorium, Kawaoka has resumed the exact same work.

As Sam Husseini studies in “Wisconsin Bill Would Stop Lab Work that Could Cause Catastrophic Pandemic,” the state legislature may attempt to shut it down once more with Senate Bill 401 which might prohibit establishments of upper schooling from conducting gain-of-function analysis on probably pandemic pathogens.

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Who’s Yoshihiro Kawaoka?

Kawaoka was hand-picked by Anthony Fauci to take pathogens that solely infect animals and use genetic engineering and artificial biology to create pathogens that make people sick. Since 1990, Fauci has funded Kawaoka beneath grants with titles together with “Influenza Virus Assembly.” 

Extremely pathogenic fowl flu didn’t trigger illness in people till this potential had been studied by a lab for a number of years. Then, it occurred in Hong Kong in 1997, within the midst of what the British name the “Hong Kong handover,” when sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from the U.Okay. to China. It was throughout this “politically sensitive” yr that the World Health Organization’s reference laboratory on the College of Hong Kong, confirmed human circumstances of H5N1 that contaminated 18 folks and killed six.

Chillingly, the 1997 Hong Kong H5N1 virus had areas that had been similar to parts of an avian virus that struck Pennsylvania hen farms in 1983—a virus Kawaoka had studied

Previous to the outbreak, Kawaoka was conducting gain-of-function bird flu research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Yearly, Kawaoka’s mentor there, Robert G. Webster, spent three months working and publishing on the College of Hong Kong, in line with this profile of Webster which mentions Kawaoka as his protege. Robert G. Webster was one of many first scientists exterior of Hong Kong to obtain samples of the 1997 H5N1 flu.

Was the 1997 H5N1 flu a lab-created organic weapon?

Kawaoka is of the post-Organic Weapons Conference period the place the weaponization of pathogens is euphemistically known as “gain-of-function” analysis, however his older colleague Webster got here of age previous to 1972 and his mentor, Frank Macfarlane Burnet was of the pre-Organic Weapons Conference period when virologists knowingly and brazenly engineered viruses for navy functions.

Burnet served on the Australian Division of Defence’s New Weapons and Tools Growth Committee within the Nineteen Forties and 50s. The Federation of American Scientists lists a number of the most chilling issues Burnet really helpful:

Burnet … stated Australia ought to develop organic weapons that will work in tropical Asia with out spreading to Australia’s extra temperate inhabitants centres.

“Particularly to the Australian state of affairs, the simplest counter-offensive to threatened invasion by overpopulated Asiatic international locations could be directed in the direction of the destruction by organic or chemical technique of tropical meals crops and the dissemination of infectious illness able to spreading in tropical however not beneath Australian circumstances.”

… Burnet argued that Australia’s temperate local weather may give it a big navy benefit.

“The primary contribution of native analysis as far as Australia is worried could be to review intensively the chances of organic warfare within the tropics towards troops and civil populations at a comparatively low stage of hygiene and with correspondingly excessive resistance to the frequent infectious illnesses.”

[In] Notice on Warfare from a Organic Angle suggesting that organic warfare might be a robust weapon to assist defend a sparsely populated Australia… [he] urged the federal government to encourage Australian universities to analysis areas of organic science of relevance to organic weapons.

“The primary strategic use of organic warfare could be to manage the coup de grace to a just about defeated enemy and compel give up in the identical means that the atomic bomb served in 1945. Its use has the great benefit of not destroying the enemy’s industrial potential which might then be taken over intact. Overt organic warfare could be used to implement give up by psychological quite than direct harmful measures.”


In a report … Burnet concluded that “In a rustic of low sanitation the introduction of an unique intestinal pathogen, e.g. by water contamination, may provoke widespread dissemination.”

“Introduction of yellow fever into a rustic with acceptable mosquito vectors may construct up right into a disabling epidemic earlier than management measures had been established.”

[And] …”the chances of an assault on the meals provides of S-E Asia and Indonesia utilizing B.W. brokers ought to be thought-about by a small examine group”.

In 1997, Fauci rewarded Kawaoka’s workforce for his or her work on the H5N1 outbreak by creating and funding the St. Jude Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance which continues to function at the moment within the U.S., Canada, Bangladesh, China, Colombia, and Egypt.

In February 2006, Fauci convened a one-day in-house “NIAID Influenza Analysis Summit” to establish influenza analysis priorities. In September, he opened up the subject to a 35-member “Blue Ribbon Panel on Influenza Analysis” that included Kawaoka. The Blue Ribbon panel’s report didn’t point out gain-of-function experiments, however that’s what Fauci determined to do.

He commissioned Kawaoka’s now infamous gain-of-function research displaying that, via lab manipulation, H5N1 might be altered to turn into extremely transmissible amongst people through airborne an infection. Invoice Gates chipped in, too, with grants 48339 and OPPGH5383 from the Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis. 

In 2012, he met Fauci’s aim of turning the avian flu, which could be very lethal however hardly ever transmissible, right into a extremely contagious airborne virus, prompting the New York Occasions to warn of “An Engineered Doomsday.”

In 2014, he used genetic engineering strategies to resurrect the lethal Spanish flu.

That was additionally the yr these controversies brought about his work to be halted for a number of years, however Kawaoka resumed his fowl flu work in 2018 beneath the identical grant that was paused in 2014, and returned to creating variants that may be transmitted through respiratory droplets.

Shortly thereafter there was a lab incident which set off alarms on the Nationwide Institutes of Well being. As USAToday reporter Alison Younger describes the incident in her guide Pandora’s Gamble: Lab Leaks, Pandemics, and a World at Danger, a lab trainee turned disconnected from an air-purifying respirator that provided protected, filtered air whereas dealing with ferrets uncovered to Kawaoka’s genetically engineered, hyper-transmissible, extremely pathogenic fowl flu. 

This might have brought about a laboratory-acquired an infection with a uniquely lethal and contagious lab-created virus. That didn’t occur, however the catastrophe was averted as a consequence of luck quite than lab-safety.

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