“Free commerce” turned the world into one large international sweatshop. Within the U.S. alone, billionaires transferred $47 trillion to themselves from working folks by putting down legal guidelines that may have put limits on the exploitation of human labor and the plundering of pure sources. 

The coup de grâce of the billionaire’s “free commerce” con was the consolidation of the ability of multinational firms within the World Commerce Group and the declaration that WTO “guidelines” had been superior to democratically enacted nationwide legal guidelines and rules.

They’ve but to persuade each nation to trade sovereignty for “free commerce,” however people who submitted to WTO supremacy have seen democratically enacted legal guidelines picked off one after the other.

Take Motion

Take america. Greater than a 3rd of WTO challenges have targeted U.S. laws and regulations, which have been discovered to violate its guidelines 90 p.c of the time.

Canada and Mexico used the WTO to get america to take country-of-origin labels off meat. The WTO categorised them as “illegal trade barriers” and approved $1 billion in sanctions. 

When the US tried to guard sea turtles underneath the Endangered Species Act, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia and India challenged the US underneath the WTO, claiming its ban on shrimping practices that endangered the turtles was an unfair commerce barrier. The WTO dominated in opposition to the US, requiring the US to drop its enforcement of the Endangered Species Act or pay compensation to the opposite nations M for misplaced commerce, estimated to be between $200-500 million yearly.

America was additionally compelled by a WTO criticism introduced by Venezuela and Brazil to weaken rules underneath the Clean Air Act.

Globally, the WTO was used as a colonial instrument to forestall newer impartial democracies from creating the regulatory frameworks that the U.S. and the European Union had created to reign in company energy.

As Vandana Shiva factors out, Monsanto wrote the intellectual property rules of the WTO that permit firms to patent seeds and pressure farmers to pay licenses for his or her use. Cargill wrote the rules on WTO agreement on agriculture that enables firms to dump low-cost sponsored grain from the U.S. into the markets of poorer nations at under the price of manufacturing, making it unimaginable for native farmers to compete and driving them off their land. The junk meals business, corporations like Nestlé, Pepsis and Coca-cola, wrote the WTO rules on food safety that permit them to push their obesogens on folks all over the world. 

The Natural Customers Affiliation was based simply because the anti-corporate-globalization movement was getting organized and we spent the flip of the millennium on the barricades, protesting the World Commerce Group on the Battle of Seattle and the World Financial institution and the Worldwide Financial Fund at A16. A decade later, the motion was reinvigorated by Occupy Wall Street on the similar time that our Tens of millions In opposition to Monsanto marketing campaign was hitting its stride and that spawned Occupy Monsanto.

When COVID-19 hit, we noticed how the World Commerce Group’s energy to strike down legal guidelines firms don’t like is complemented by the World Well being Group’s energy to pressure the adoption of insurance policies that profit them.

The firms’ intent to wield the WTO and WHO collectively as a double bludgeon is clear in each WHO doc. Into every, the WHO incorporates WTO guidelines on mental property.

The WHO’s rabid insistence that Commerce-Associated Points of Mental Property Rights (TRIPS) are extra vital than poor nations’ entry to medicines makes it crystal clear that the WHO’s very function is to promote patented prescribed drugs. Teams like Public Citizen which might be continuously bemoaning this, don’t understand that, so far as the pharmaceutical corporations are involved, forcing “free commerce” on international well being isn’t a flaw of the WHO, it’s a function!

That is very true for the very most worthwhile prescribed drugs, those prescribed for everybody from delivery, vaccines.

As Ronnie Cummins and Dr. Joseph Mercola clarify in The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal, by establishing international governance over pandemics, the globalists hope not solely to subvert nationwide sovereignty, however to take management of every individual’s physique and motion by way of testing, monitoring and surveillance, and successfully finish particular person sovereignty by denying us our proper to decide on whether or not to undergo their regimes.

COVID-19 triggered us to return to our roots and the age-old name for democracy of the folks, by the folks and for the folks.

We’re impressed by the management of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund’s efforts to help folks asserting the proper to native self-government, and Local Futures, which increase consciousness concerning the energy of “going native” as a key technique for restoring ecological, social and non secular wellbeing.

CELDF and Native Futures perceive that democracy solely actually works at a neighborhood stage. 

On the state, nationwide and particularly worldwide stage, multinational firms have a really unfair benefit. 

On the native stage firms should deal with tons of of 1000’s of resolution makers with the ability to limit their actions in 1000’s of various methods. 

As energy is concentrated on the state, nationwide and worldwide stage, firms can simply buy-off and manipulate the less and fewer folks making selections. Most of the time, these folks had been hand-picked by them anyway!

Too many earnest advocacy teams fall into the entice of believing within the theoretical risk that worldwide establishments may be bent or formed by the need of the folks to by some means subvert the intent of the firms that created and management them.

That is wishful pondering at its worst.

OCA has been there. We hoped to unfold the excellent news that regenerative natural agriculture, along with feeding the world wholesome, clear, nutrient-dense meals, sequesters carbon by way of photosynthesis and the organisms that thrive in residing soil (when it isn’t soaked in pesticides and artificial nitrogen fertilizers). We took our message to the U.N. local weather conferences for a few years till it grew to become apparent that the firms had rigged that course of.

It’s not that worldwide establishments by no means do something good. The difficulty is, we’re on the firms’ mercy as as to if or not they comply.

Take the World Well being Group’s Worldwide Company for Analysis on Most cancers (IARC).

In 2015, it acknowledged the carcinogenicity of glyphosate, the principle ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. This made lawsuits on behalf of Roundup uncovered most cancers victims potential and resulted in billion-dollar jury awards. 

Glyphosate continues to be authorized within the U.S., however Bayer mentioned that, to restrict legal responsibility, it might not promote it to customers as of 2023 (gross sales to farmers and pesticide professionals would proceed). 

As a substitute of taking its flagship Roundup herbicide off the cabinets, Bayer is providing glyphosate-free variations, however it’s nonetheless promoting the previous glyphosate-based formulation, too!

As Beyond Pesticides writes in letters to Home Depot and Lowe’s, “alternative variations of Roundup™ merchandise are additionally poisonous. Roundup® Twin Motion, for instance, comprises the next lively elements: triethylamine salt of triclopyr, fluazipop-P-butyl, diquat dibromide, and ammonium salt of imazapic—elements which might be reproductive and developmental toxicants, sensitizers, and poisonous to aquatic and different organisms.”

Triclopyr is particularly regarding. Northwest Coalition for Options to Pesticides presents this consumer warning

“In laboratory checks, triclopyr triggered a rise within the incidence of breast most cancers in addition to a rise in a kind of genetic harm known as dominant deadly mutations. Triclopyr is also damaging to kidneys and has triggered a wide range of reproductive issues.”

Diquat dibromide is implicated in Parkinson’s disease and mass deaths of bald eagles.

To see glyphosate changed with equally poisonous pesticides is extremely disappointing, however the worst a part of this story is that glyphosate-based herbicides proceed to be bought to customers, too!

At Roundup.com, Bayer continues to promote its glyphosate-based herbicide, although everybody is aware of it causes most cancers.

IARC made headlines once more not too long ago when it categorised aspartame as “probably carcinogenic.” 

The WHO conceded that non-sugar sweeteners in “diet” sodas don’t help with weight control. In reality, they trigger weight gain and obesity.

U.S. Proper to Know, which has been monitoring the health risks of aspartame for a number of years, celebrated the information, however identified that one other part of the WHO, the Joint Professional Committee on Meals Components (JECFA) went in the wrong way once they “reaffirmed the enormous daily ‘acceptable’ intake of 40 mg/kg of body weight.” JECFA had been taken over by “specialists” with ties to Coca-Cola.

Identical to IARC’s most cancers evaluation for glyphosate didn’t result in banning Roundup, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration wasn’t swayed by IARC’s aspartame exposé.

The ethical of those tales is that, just like the Intergovernmental Panel on Local weather Change, the World Well being Group acts for well being or the atmosphere, however its good selections get ignored whereas its dangerous ones information coverage.

The World Commerce Group and the World Well being Group are every makes an attempt by the billionaire class to subvert nationwide sovereignty and achieve unfettered management over the folks and sources of the world.

The powers that the World Well being Group wields over pandemics is particularly troubling.

This grew to become evident proper after the WHO’s Worldwide Well being Laws had been adopted, when, within the midst of the 2006 fowl flu outbreaks, the WHO ended up in a stand-off with Indonesia over who owned the viruses discovered inside its borders. 

Indonesia’s well being minister asserted her nation’s sovereignty and refused to share its virus samples with the World Well being Group with no promise from the pharmaceutical corporations that they’d share the vaccines and antivirals they’d create from them in return. She rallied a lot of the International South to hitch with Indonesia to boycott the WHO in solidarity.

Invoice Gates personally crushed her motion by main her to imagine that his basis would fund Indonesia’s entry to those medicines after which failing to comply with by way of as soon as the virus-sharing had resumed.

These extraordinary occasions are coated in Edward Hammond’s 2009 article, “Indonesia fights to alter WHO guidelines on flu vaccines,” and Alan Sipress’s 2010 book, “The Deadly Pressure.”

They befell underneath the management of the brave and controversial Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesia’s Well being Minister from 2004-2009 and a member of the Presidential Advisory Council from 2010 to 2012. 

With the world’s highest variety of human H5N1 circumstances and a staggering case-fatality rate of over 80 p.c, Indonesia desperately wanted assist from the WHO. In response to Dr. Supari’s pressing requests for drugs, WHO despatched a restricted emergency provide of Tamiflu, however mentioned that Indonesia must wait months to purchase extra and pay as much as forty {dollars} per therapy.

In the meantime, the Pentagon’s Naval Medical Analysis Unit Two (NAMRU-2), working in 62,000 sq. toes of area in three buildings inside the Indonesian Ministry of Well being, was clandestinely searching the H5N1 virus. The lab’s permission to function had expired in 2000 and Indonesia requested it to stop all actions in 2005, however the U.S. navy continued to gather viruses, paying underneath the desk for samples from docs in Indonesian hospitals. 

Then, Dr. Supari discovered that international pharmaceutical corporations had been manufacturing vaccines with Indonesian H5N1 virus.  

At that time, Dr. Supari demanded that WHO acknowledge Indonesia’s sovereignty over its viruses and signal a cloth switch settlement, which might restrict what could possibly be achieved with Indonesia’s virus samples and entitle it to compensation for business use.

In December 2006, Indonesia stopped sending H5N1 samples to WHO.

At a WHO Govt Board assembly in 2007, Thailand’s consultant spoke up in help of the Indonesian place, saying:

“We’re sending our virus to the wealthy nations to provide antivirals and vaccines. And when the pandemic happens, they survive and we die. . . . We aren’t against sharing of knowledge and virus on the situation that each nation could have equal alternative to get entry to vaccine and antivirals if such a pandemic happens.” 

WHO refused.

Gates was the fixer who made positive international virus searching might proceed in Indonesia.

The Gates Basis led Indonesia to imagine that it might fund the manufacturing of H5N1 vaccines. With this expectation, Indonesia instantly resumed sharing bird-flu virus samples, however the promised vaccine stockpile didn’t materialize. 

The U.S. created its own cache of H5N1 vaccines with $7.1 billion appropriated by Congress for pandemic preparation in 2005. The U.S. claimed its vaccine was created with a Vietnam pressure.

In January 2008, Dr. Supari printed a ebook on her marketing campaign for viral sovereignty and vaccine justice, “It’s Time for the World to Change.”

Her ebook included proof that genetic information from Indonesia’s virus samples had been transferred by the Facilities for Illness Management to a database on the Los Alamos Nationwide Laboratory.

“It was the identical laboratory that designed the atomic bomb to destroy Hiroshima in 1945,” Dr. Supari wrote, including: 

“It’s seemingly that they make the most of the identical facility to analysis and develop chemical weapons. What a terrifying reality! The DNA sequence information had been the privilege for the scientists in Los Alamos. Whether or not they used it to make vaccines or develop chemical weapons would rely upon the necessity and the curiosity of the U.S. authorities.”

Dr. Supari was vilified for elevating the specter of organic weapons. The English model of her ebook was banned. In 2017, she was sentenced to jail on a bribery conviction and wasn’t launched till October, 2020. 

The present Indonesian authorities strictly enforces its view that Dr. Supari is a harmful conspiracy theorist. In November 2020, the drummer of the Indonesian punk band Superman Is Useless was sentenced to 14 months in jail. In accordance with the Jakarta Post, one among his offenses was that he “accused ‘the worldwide elite,’ together with United States billionaire Invoice Gates, of being behind the pandemic and has publicly supported former well being minister and graft convict Siti Fadilah Supari, who has voiced comparable suspicions concerning the Microsoft cofounder.”

Dr. Supari’s life has been ruined, and her supporters are being jailed, however her trigger garnered some success. 

In 2010, NAMRU-2 was compelled in a foreign country as a consequence of what the navy known as Dr. Supari’s “unsubstantiated accusations of espionage, organic weapons analysis, and growth of ‘new illnesses’ to reinforce pharmaceutical corporations’ revenue margins.”

In 2011, the WHO’s Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework stated that countries sharing virus samples with WHO’s International Influenza Surveillance and Response System must be compensated with vaccines and antivirals when wanted. Nevertheless, the Framework was:

“not legally binding, keep away from[ed] mental property points that sophisticated the negotiations, d[id] not embody commitments from developed nations to donate parts of influenza vaccines they buy[d], and face[d] implementation challenges in an more and more troublesome international well being atmosphere.)”

Dr. Supari’s worries about organic weapons turned out to be justified. In 2012, a paper was printed explaining how the Indonesian H5N1 virus had been weaponized in gain-of-function analysis.

Quick-forward to COVID-19 and we see suspicious deaths of leaders essential of globalist pandemic insurance policies. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., lists them in The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health:

President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti was murdered by a crew of elite, well-trained Colombian mercenaries with hyperlinks to United States intelligence businesses. Moïse was a vocal opponent of the WHO vaccine program. 

The African leaders who died immediately after criticizing WHO vaccination coverage included President John Magufuli of Tanzania (March 17, 2021), Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko of Ivory Coast (March 10, 2021), President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi (January 8, 2020), and Madagascar’s well-liked, influential, and anti-vax ex-President Didier Ignace Ratsiraka (March 28, 2021). Kenya’s beloved doctor Stephen Karanja, the chairman of the Kenya Catholic Medical doctors Affiliation—who had uncovered the WHO sterilization program in 2014 and who criticized the company’s COVID rollout in 2020—additionally died, reportedly of COVID (April 29, 2021). 

A peer-reviewed article within the BMJ titled “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID?” lists seventeen heads of state and main authorities well being ministers who handed within the twelve months between February of 2020 and February of 2021. The BMJ article states that the majority of those deaths resulted in dramatic shifts in nationwide well being insurance policies from skepticism towards robust help for vaccination of their respective nations. The article factors out that the general demise charges (1:33) amongst African elected leaders from COVID are seven occasions the charges for his or her intercourse and age and demographics of the final inhabitants throughout that point interval.

Placing apart the very actual risk that leaders who didn’t toe the road had been murdered, in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide governments and their state and native subunits largely retained their sovereign energy over public well being measures. 

This was evident within the range of approaches throughout the U.S. to lockdowns and vaccine mandates. The variations allowed folks to vote with their toes and transfer from states like California whose insurance policies had been perceived as draconian to states like Florida that appeared extra freedom-loving.

If the World Well being Group will get its means, future pandemic insurance policies can be dictated globally and micromanaged all the way down to the native stage.

The WHO is presently within the strategy of amending its International Health Regulations and drafting a “Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord.” It has additionally not too long ago launched new recommendations on COVID-19.

That is the framework of a medical dictatorship of, by and for the pharmaceutical corporations to switch democracy of, by and for the folks. Even when it had been all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, we should always oppose it, as a result of as soon as our sovereignty is misplaced, we can not management the route that inherently undemocratic international governance will take.

Nevertheless, there are some clear red-flags indicating the WHO’s nefarious intentions.

One red-flag is the WHO’s obsession with “misinformation” and its refusal to acknowledge the First Modification values of “freedom of speech, or of the press; or the proper of the folks peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Authorities for a redress of grievances.” (In fact, as an inherently undemocratic international government, with out an electoral course of, or coequal judicial or legislative branches to supply checks and balances, there isn’t any means for folks to petition the WHO!)

When the Natural Customers Affiliation was positioned on the so-called “Disinformation Dozen” hit-list of spokespersons and organizations advocating for vaccine security and efficacy (although vaccination wasn’t a problem we had been engaged on), I investigated and traced the marketing campaign in opposition to us again to Bayer (Monsanto).

One other red-flag is the WHO’s disinterest in well being and therapeutic and its slim concentrate on testing and monitoring. The WHO pushes vaccination and prescribed drugs on the expense of well being baselines missing all over the world, specifically clear water, sanitation, nutritious meals and wholesome diets.

In 2023, the WHO issued a decision instructing nations to develop nationwide “integrated networks to tackle all diseases” and decided to take up the European Union system of digital COVID-19 certification to ascertain the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN). The said aim is to “assist facilitate international mobility,” however that may be learn to imply we received’t be capable to transfer throughout borders with out it.

What the WHO is establishing is a everlasting pandemic safety state the place persons are continuously examined for 1000’s of illnesses. Check standing—which might be digitized and required like identification—might then be used to limit journey, work or training or to require quarantine, prescribed drugs or vaccination.

To elongate the tentacles of this pandemic safety state, the Pentagon’s Protection Superior Analysis Tasks Company (DARPA) is presently creating an expansive suite of new technologies, together with:

Detect It with Gene Modifying Applied sciences (DIGET) not too long ago awarded a contract to biological weapons contractor MRI Global to construct a multiplexed detection gadget to display screen as much as a thousand pathogens at a time.

Epigenetic CHaracterization and Remark (ECHO) is analogous, however measures the physique’s response to viral an infection moderately than testing for viruses.

SIGMA+, led by RTI Worldwide and supported by Garmin® Worldwide, Inc. makes use of wearable know-how to detect infectious illnesses based mostly on a person’s immune response.

The place is that this finally main us?

Dr. Meryl Nass is the foremost professional within the motion to protect U.S. democracy and forestall our native, state and nationwide energy over our personal welfare from being subsumed by the WHO.

In her current primer on “How the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty encourages rather than prevents pandemics,” she causes “you don’t want a vaccine passport…except you’re giving out common boosters.” 

“Had been the vaccines conceived of because the pathway to getting our vaccinations, well being information, official paperwork and monetary transactions all on-line—as Ukraine has already done?” she wonders.

The underside line is, whether or not it’s the WHO or the WTO, the global transfer of economic and political power from sovereign democratic nationwide governments to lawless multinational firms is a catastrophe for human rights, the atmosphere, social welfare, agriculture, meals security, staff’ rights and well being.

To study extra, watch:

Vandana Shiva: THIS Is How We Beat the Great Reset

WHO Chronicles With James Corbett + Dr. Meryl Nass

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