twenty first Century Dr. Frankensteins: George Church

When geneticist George Church was on The Colbert Report in 2012, Stephen Colbert voiced everybody’s worst fears about his work (albeit in his uniquely outrageous and tongue-in-cheek method):

“How do you assume your work will ultimately destroy all mankind? It’s a few choices. Do you assume it’s going to be like a killer virus? Or extra like an enormous, mutant, killer-squid-man, who arises from the Pacific, between Easter Island and Chile, and feasts on our flesh?”

We’ve got but to be terrorized by an enormous, mutant, killer-squid-man, however who is aware of what the Pentagon has George Church working on? (Extra on that under.)

Killer virus? That one makes Colbert appear prophetic, given what we all know concerning the origins of COVID-19. You’ll study under that Church has many hyperlinks to the individuals who funded and performed the virus searching, “gain-of-function” organic weapons analysis, and pandemic planning that makes a few of us suspect that COVID-19 was a Plandemic.

However, that’s not why George Church is the primary scientist to be profiled in my twenty first Century Dr. Frankensteins collection. Once I began writing about him, I had no thought about any of that!

I selected George Church as a result of he’s Bayer (Monsanto)’s poster scientist for the corporate’s craziest concepts about what to do with artificial biology.

Take Motion

Once I searched “artificial biology” and “Bayer” in YouTube, the highest outcome was a Leaps by Bayer video, “The Culture of Synthetic Biology and Moonshots for a Better World at SynBioBeta 2020,” the place Church makes the case for genetically engineering people to be immune to viruses (a Chinese scientist has already engineered HIV-resistant human babies, born in 2018), engineering Frankenfoods for all times (sweatshops?) on Mars, and rising human infants in synthetic wombs.

It wasn’t lengthy earlier than I stumbled throughout interviews of Church speaking about how nice the pandemic was for his work. Previous to COVID-19, he stated, he frightened that cash might by no means be made out of genetically engineering grownup people (Bayer euphemistically calls this “gene remedy”) as a result of it appeared finest suited to the remedy of the tiny variety of individuals with uncommon illnesses (to date, investigational CRISPR-based “therapy” has proven deadly). However, then the pandemic offered the chance to make use of ”gene therapy” in vaccines for everyone. Smiling, he stated:

“COVID was a horrible factor, nevertheless it had lots of unintended constructive results and certainly one of them was, to my thoughts, a refreshed new method of gene remedy the place as a substitute of coping with ultra-rare illnesses the place you might have $2.8 million a dose, you may have quite common issues like growing older and pandemics. The highest 5 pandemic vaccines have been all formulated in a gene remedy method of formulation. That’s to say, three of them have been adenoviral capsid supply of double-stranded DNA and two of them have been lipid nanoparticle with RNA and that at as little as $2-a-dose value of producing. That utterly modifications the dialogue about gene remedy, on the lookout for now-common illnesses like growing older reversal and associated issues. So I’m very excessive on gene remedy and growing older reversal and the intersection of these two, as a result of there’s such a huge market.”

George Church isn’t curious about curing uncommon illnesses—or any illness for that matter. Why deal with a small variety of sick individuals when you would market genetic engineering to everybody?

Church’s glee at genetically engineering all of humanity echoed what the President of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Stefan Olerich stated concerning the mRNA vaccines being gene remedy on the World Well being Summit in November 2021:

“Finally, the mRNA vaccines are an instance of that cell and gene remedy. … If we had surveyed two years in the past… Would you be keen to take gene or cell remedy and inject it into your physique? We most likely would have had a 95 p.c refusal charge. I believe this pandemic has opened many individuals’s eyes to innovation in a method that perhaps was not attainable earlier than.”

Manipulating people with genetic engineering is a operating joke in Bayer’s crowd, solely they aren’t actually kidding. At Politico’s 2022 Way forward for Meals and Farming Summit, Bayer geneticist Bob Reiter opened his discuss by saying that, each time he worries about client conduct (relating to acceptance of GMO meals), he reminds himself that there’s a genetic component to that.

Bayer is an active member in the World Economic Forum, the place Founder and Govt Chairman Klaus Schwab, not recognized for cracking jokes, stated in a 2023 speech on the World Governments Summit that those who master the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, including synthetic biology, will be the masters of the world.

If that is true, George Church and his benefactors at Bayer are nicely on their solution to world domination.

Church started his profession working for Monsanto in a Postdoctoral Fellowship in 1985-86, and in a technique or one other he’s been working for it ever since.

In 2016, Monsanto licensed CRISPR expertise Church helped to develop from the Broad Institute. (Jennifer Doudna invented CRISPR, however Church has acquired patents for “optimizing” the tactic “for engineering a variety of genomes ranging from yeast to human.”)

There are 4 corporations (that I’m conscious of) that Bayer funds and George Church based or advises:

eGenesis Bio is genetically engineering pigs to provide organs for human transplant. Church is a founder.

GROBiosciences is “increasing the genetic code.” Whereas most artificial biology at this time is predicated on creating recognized proteins from genetically engineered microorganisms, GRO, which stands for “genomically recoded organisms,” guarantees to “broaden past the 20 amino-acid constructing blocks usually present in proteins to introduce non-standard amino acids.” Church is a founder.

CellinoBiotech has patented a solution to mechanize and mass-produce stem cells for transplant. Church advises the corporate on “ex vivo protein therapeutic supply.”

The fourth is Ginkgo Bioworks, which gobbled up George Church’s Gen9 in 2017, quick changing into the monopoly “organism firm,” because it calls itself. In 2022, Ginkgo acquired competitor Zymergen, which had absorbed Church’s enEvolv in 2020.

Ginkgo is Bayer’s most necessary companion in its “Meals-as-Software program” scheme. 

Forcing customers to just accept “Meals-as-Software program” requires making a state of affairs the place they haven’t any different selection. As I defined in our Ban SynBio Meals motion alert, the Monsanto-Bayer enterprise mannequin is to damage meals and farming with pesticides and manufacturing unit farms, after which, when prospects clamor for “clear meals,” to supply it up within the type of new, lab-created artificial Frankenfoods that may be marketed as toxin- and cruelty-free.

Bayer’s pesticides are killing bees, Monsanto’s herbicides are spawning Roundup Prepared weeds, and now, Bayer-Monsanto, collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks, is genetically engineered microbes that could be the end of farming.

Ginkgo’s required risks report to the Securities and Exchange Commission reads like a science fiction author’s listing of plots for catastrophe films:

“The discharge of genetically modified organisms or supplies, whether or not inadvertent or purposeful, into uncontrolled environments might have unintended penalties…

“The genetically engineered organisms and supplies that we develop might have considerably altered traits in comparison with these discovered within the wild, and the complete results of deployment or launch of our genetically engineered organisms and supplies into uncontrolled environments could also be unknown. Particularly, such deployment or launch, together with an unauthorized launch, might impression the setting or group usually or the well being and security of our staff, our prospects’ staff, and the customers of our prospects’ merchandise. 

“As well as, if a excessive profile biosecurity breach or unauthorized launch of a organic agent happens inside our trade, our prospects and potential prospects might lose belief within the safety of the laboratory environments through which we produce genetically modified organisms and supplies, even when we’re not straight affected. Any hostile impact ensuing from such a launch, by us or others, might have a fabric hostile impact on the general public acceptance of merchandise from engineered cells and our enterprise and monetary situation. …

“We might synthesize DNA sequences or interact in different exercise that contravenes biosecurity necessities, or regulatory authorities might promulgate extra far-reaching biosecurity necessities that our commonplace enterprise practices can not accommodate, which might give rise to substantial authorized legal responsibility, impede our enterprise, and harm our fame. 

“The Federal Choose Agent Program (“FSAP”), entails guidelines administered by the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention and the Animal and Plant Well being Inspection Service that regulate possession, use, and switch of organic choose brokers and toxins [a euphemism for bioweapons] which have the potential to pose a extreme risk to public, animal, or plant well being or to animal or plant merchandise. …[W]e might err in our observance of compliance program necessities in a fashion that leaves us in noncompliance with FSAP or different biosecurity guidelines. …

“Third events might use our engineered cells supplies, and organisms and accompanying manufacturing processes in ways in which might harm our fame. 

“…[W]hile we have now established a biosecurity program … to make sure that third events don’t get hold of our engineered cells or different biomaterials for malevolent functions, we can not assure that these preventative measures will remove or cut back the chance of the home and world alternatives for the misuse or negligent use of our engineered cells supplies, and organisms and manufacturing processes. …”

At the moment, Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks, of their three way partnership Joyn Bio, are changing fertilizer and pesticides with genetically engineered microbes. 

Ginkgo’s SEC submitting makes clear how unleashing Frankenmicrobes into the setting may wreak havoc, but when that doesn’t do it for you, this chilling true story will. (It’s also possible to watch a brief movie about it at Protect Nature Now and browse the unique 1999 scientific publication here.)

“Within the mid-Nineteen Eighties and 90s, after incomes her PhD in microbiology, Elaine Ingham was an affiliate professor instructing forest science, botany, and plant pathology at Oregon State College. She was on the trail to changing into a completely tenured professor, when a examine she led on a genetically engineered soil bacterium modified the course of her profession–and presumably all flowers on Earth.

“A European biotech firm [I haven’t been able to figure out which one, but reports identify it as German, like Bayer and BASF], was making ready to commercialize a genetically engineered soil bacterium known as Klebsiella planticola. In its pure kind, Ok. planticola helps decompose plant matter. The genetically modified model was meant to transform plant waste to alcohol, which could possibly be used for fertilizer or gasoline. However when Dr. Ingham and her staff determined to run their very own take a look at on the alcohol-producing bacterium, they found that it not solely killed all the crops examined, however had the potential to kill all terrestrial crops. Her findings in the end prevented the genetically altered bacterium from being commercialized, highlighted the significance of pre-market security testing, and raised consciousness of the potential risks of GMOs. Sadly, additionally they introduced concerning the finish of her affiliation with Oregon State College, an establishment that acquired quite a lot of funding from the biotech trade.”

That Dr. Ingham misplaced her college job when she saved the world from a GMO microbe that would have killed each plant on the planet tells us every little thing concerning the intentions of biotech behemoths like Bayer.

One other trace is the scientists who’re Bayer’s spokespersons and enterprise companions.

What does it say about Bayer that its high spokesperson and companion in its synbio companies is George Church, a transhumanist funded by Jeffrey Epstein?

(Monsanto has an Epstein connection, too. When Justice Division prosecutors have been on the verge of charging it with a felony for illegally spraying a banned poisonous pesticide and nerve agent in Hawaii, it put Alice Fisher on its protection staff. Fisher, a former senior DOJ official, was concerned in retaining Epstein’s controversial plea deal secret from his victims.)

The 2019 New York Occasions article “Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA” lists George Church among the many scientists with whom Epstein cultivated relationships and describes him as “a molecular engineer who has labored to establish genes that could possibly be altered to create superior people.”

When George Church went on 60 Minutes to clarify his relationship with Epstein, he ended up speaking about his dating app that would pair people based on their genes, screening out potential mates with the unsuitable DNA. Gizmodo known as Church’s thought “an app only a eugenicist could love.” 

That sounds like eugenics,” Fordham adjunct ethics professor and science journalist Elizabeth Yuko, who research bioethics, instructed The Every day Beast. Yuko in contrast the app, as described, to the Nazi purpose of cultivating a grasp race.

“I believed we realized after World Battle II that we weren’t going to be doing that,” she stated. “It’s not clear what circumstances or illnesses will probably be screened for. Who makes that listing? What’s undesirable? That’s classifying individuals into acceptable people and others.”

As disturbing as that’s, it’s unlikely that Jeffrey Epstein’s funding of George Church was pushed solely by his private curiosity in eugenics or aimed toward making a genetics-based courting app.

As Whitney Webb exhaustively paperwork in her two-volume tome, One Nation Underneath Blackmail, Jeffrey Epstein and his confederate Ghislaine Maxwell have been intelligence belongings concerned in compromising outstanding figures in order that they could possibly be manipulated by the U.S., U.Ok. and/or Israeli governments.

George Church is a Pentagon/CIA contractor funded by the Protection Superior Analysis Tasks Company (DARPA), the Intelligence Superior Analysis Tasks Company (IARPA) and In-Q-Tel. 

Congress offers the Pentagon and the CIA a black price range that’s happening $100 billion per year. This can be a secret slush fund and actually nobody is aware of the place all the cash goes, so the general public details about Pentagon/CIA cash flowing to George Church needs to be assumed to be simply the tip of the iceberg and possibly deceptive ultimately, however listed below are the packages we’re instructed Church receives funding for:

Safe Genes is a program to develop defenses to gene-editing and gene-drive weapons, which has to contain the examine of the weapons themselves. Church’s function was described as “to develop methods to safeguard genomes by detecting, stopping, and in the end reversing mutations that will come up from publicity to radiation.”

What sorts of weapons that contain “exposure to radiation” may Church’s analysis be aimed toward? 

It could possibly be nuclear weapons like those used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the depleted-uranium weapons sent to Ukraine

(It’s value mentioning that Monsanto was part of the Manhattan Project. There have been 1000’s of scientists concerned, however simply 14 have been awarded the Medal for Benefit for his or her participation. Considered one of them was Charles Allen Thomas, Monsanto’s analysis director. He was supplied a co-directorship of the mission, together with J. Robert Oppenheimer, however selected to not transfer to Los Alamos and as a substitute oversaw the event of the polonium set off in Dayton. After the bombs have been dropped on Japan, Thomas continued Monsanto’s nuclear weapons analysis from 1946 to 1948, operating a Dayton laboratory to check the organic impression of polonium radiation on people, together with by analyzing 1000’s of urine samples from Monsanto staff uncovered to polonium. Thomas went on to function president of Monsanto from 1951 to 1960, and as chairman of the board from 1960 to 1965, earlier than retiring from the corporate in 1970.)

At present, along with old-school nukes and armor-piercing depleted uranium tank rounds, the Pentagon has new radiation weapons, together with the directed energy weapons that it spends $1 billion on every year.

The Pentagon says Havana syndrome is a microwave weapon that bathes the target in deadly radiation and it’s creating sensors to detect such weapons, which it might probably’t do with out experimenting with the weapons themselves. It additionally admits to microwave weapons for “non-lethal crowd control.” 

Past gene-editing weapons, George Church’s Pentagon/CIA contracts embody:

Biology is Technology (BiT), a wide-ranging DARPA program on every little thing “from programmable microbes to human-machine symbiosis.” Formally, Church acquired BiT funding to engineer DNA to store data, however in an interview at a BiT symposium in 2015, he talked about a number of issues he was engaged on, together with gene-drives and his partnership with Chinese language gene-sequencing big BGI.

Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks (MICrONS) is an IARPA program that “goals to reverse-engineer one cubic millimeter of the mind, examine the way in which it makes computations, and use these findings to higher inform algorithms in machine studying and synthetic intelligence.” Church’s piece is “barcoding the brain” and his staff has already “mapped neural connections in mice by injecting viruses encoding nucleotide barcodes into their brains.” In a decade-old discuss, “George Church on the Future of Human Genomics and Synthetic Biology,” he explains that “We’re attending to the purpose—one other Courageous New World problem—the place we can’t solely manipulate human genomes, however we are able to manipulate human brains. We are able to both program them in situ with these progressive neurotechnologies or we are able to construct brains exterior of the physique…” Watch the clip of the full quote here.

Functional Genomic and Computational Assessment of Threats (Fun GCAT) is an IARPA mission the place “researchers developed computational pipelines to investigate DNA and reply three questions per sequence: What organism does it come from? What organic features does it have? How harmful is it?” 

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that, regardless that the U.S. doesn’t admit to having an offensive organic weapons program, George Church’s Pentagon/CIA-funded work could possibly be used for such endeavors. Early on within the COVID-19 pandemic, on the day Charles Lieber was arrested, an anonymous Reddit user posted such suspicions:   

“Epstein gave exorbitant quantities of cash, no less than $9 million (pledged $30 million) to researchers funded by DoD, DARPA, IARPA, and NIH at Harvard College with the experience and expertise to genetically engineer and enhance micro organism and viruses. Considered one of Harvard’s most outstanding scientists who acquired $18 million from DoD and NIH was arrested and charged for working a secret lab in Wuhan China simply hours in the past – This researcher was given over $1.5 million {dollars} to take action, in secret, by Chinese language establishments. In the meantime, the world the place the brand new coronavirus emerged (Wuhan) lately opened a biosafety stage 4 lab (the one one in China, a rustic with 1.4 billion individuals) the place researchers have been truly learning and experimenting with the genetics of coronaviruses over the previous few years earlier than the emergence of this new pressure. Whether or not these items are linked or not stays to be see, however every of those unbiased statements are in truth true.

“A number of years in the past, I attended a non-public authorities analysis convention the place Dr. George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical College and Professor of Well being Sciences and Know-how at Harvard and MIT, was describing how his lab systematically altered the genome of a bacterial cell utilizing artificial biology and genetic engineering to make cells immune to viruses. There was some temporary dialogue of how these methods could possibly be used for the other function (to engineer viruses to enhance them or make them much less recognizable by the host, thus delaying the immune response). Instantly following Dr. Church’s presentation, different researchers and myself had a dialogue about how horrifying these technological capabilities have been. Over time, this concern has at all times remained at the back of my thoughts and I’ve mentioned it with others that didn’t attend the discuss on numerous events. It’s value noting that lots of George Church’s current analysis additionally entails the examine and engineering of viruses. Most lately in his profession, Dr. Church has been funded by DARPA and IARPA, with probably the most lately funded grant titled, ‘Functional Genomic and Computational Assessment of Threats’ (by IARPA).

“The outline of this grant solicitation, for those who seek for it, begins with:

“‘The organic sciences have skilled extraordinary development over the previous decade. Technological advances in DNA synthesis, sequencing, massive gene development, and information evaluation are increasing organic analysis and the bioeconomy, and are prone to allow revolutionary advances in drugs, agriculture, and supplies. On the similar time, these advances have intensified safety considerations across the unintentional or deliberate misuse of biotechnologies. One particular concern regards DNA synthesis applied sciences that can be utilized to create novel organisms.’

“Therefore, Dr. Church is clearly concerned within the space of making use of superior methods (lab based mostly and computational) to engineer organisms to make them immune to viruses (and probably vice-versa, to engineer viruses), and is concerned within the efforts to fight the dangers concerned.

“Apparently sufficient, Dr. Church was one of many scientists most concerned with Jeffrey Epstein. …” 

Considered one of Jeffrey Epstein’s “philanthropic” initiatives was the Edge Foundation, well-known for its annual billionaires’ dinner. As George Church recollects within the 2020 video talked about at the start of this text, in 2009, Elon Musk’s SpaceX hosted him for an Edge Masterclass on Synthetic Genomics. The movies from Church’s Masterclass, that are nicely well worth the watch, are nonetheless on the Edge web site, apart from People 2.0 which has been taken down.

Current at Church’s 2009 Edge Masterclass have been individuals and representatives of organizations implicated within the origin of COVID-19

  • Larry Web page, Co-founder, Google
  • Larry Sensible, Skoll Pressing Threats Fund (additionally inaugural Govt Director of, established in 2005)
  • Thomas Kalil, Deputy Director for Coverage for the White Home Workplace of Science and Know-how Coverage and Senior Advisor for Science, Know-how and Innovation for the Nationwide Financial Council, Obama-Biden Administration (now at Schmidt Futures, run by former Google/Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt)
  • Nathan Wolfe, World Virus Forecasting Initiative (later Metabiota, now Ginkgo Bioworks)

In 2008, Larry Web page and Larry Sensible launched Predict and Prevent, a $30 million funding in virus searching and “gain-of-function” analysis on potential pandemic pathogens. Google and Skoll every gave $5.5 million, and the Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis, Merck Analysis Laboratories and the U.S. Division of Protection coated the remaining.

With the inauguration of the Obama-Biden Administration, in 2009 (the yr of George Church’s SpaceX/Edge masterclass the place Thomas Kalil represented the White Home), Predict and Forestall grew to become a mission of the U.S. Company for Worldwide Improvement (U.S.A.I.D.) which gave it a whole lot of thousands and thousands of {dollars} in funding. The mission retained the identify Predict.

The cash went to Nathan Wolfe’s non-profit Global Viral Forecasting Initiative, which was quickly to change into the for-profit Metabiota. The Predict virus hunts, through which Metabiota collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and EcoHealth Alliance, turned up each the closest-known relative to SARS-CoV-2 and the virus that Ralph Baric manipulated with so-called “gain-of-function” experiments to create what might in truth be SARS-CoV-2.

Hunter Biden also invested in Metabiota and his laptop computer revealed that his staff at Rosemont Seneca was serving to the corporate talk with the Obama-Biden administration and garner authorities contracts, together with for work on a “science project” in Ukraine. After proof linking Metabiota to the origin of COVID and the Biden bribery scandal got here to gentle, Metabiota was bought by Ginkgo Bioworks.

The individuals who attended the Edge/SpaceX occasion weren’t simply individuals Church gave a masterclass to. 

Church has a mind-boggling listing of conflicts of interest that hyperlinks him to this community financially. 

As acknowledged above, Ginkgo Bioworks, which now owns Metabiota, is a companion of George Church and Bayer.

Google Ventures has invested in a number of of the start-ups launched from Church’s lab, together with 23andme, DynoTx and Editas. Like Bayer, Google’s Eric Schmidt is a funder of Church’s GRObio by his enterprise capital agency Innovation Endeavors.

George Church and Ralph Baric labored collectively in a bunch convened in 2006 by the Alfred P. Sloan Basis below the banner, “Synthetic Genomics: Options for Governance.” Different members included Tom Knight who would discovered Ginkgo Bioworks in 2008 and Tara O’Toole who had crafted the Dark Winter planning exercise that eerily predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks and would go on to do the identical for COVID-19 with Clade X and Event 201. At the moment, Tara O’Toole is a senior fellow and government vp at In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s enterprise capital arm, which funds Ginkgo Bioworks, Metabiota and George Church’s Colossal Biosciences

Ralph Baric filed a patent on “Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus” in 2002. SARS didn’t hit till February 2003. The paper Ralph Baric produced for the Artificial Genomics group, “Synthetic Viral Genomics: Risks and Benefits for Science and Society,” is brief on advantages. It reads like a handbook for engineers of artificial organic weapons, full with how-to’s on the way in which “‘No See’m’ websites can be utilized to insert international genes into viral, eukaryotic, or microbial genome or vector, concurrently eradicating all proof of the restriction websites that have been used within the recombinant DNA manipulation” and the “‘scapegoat’ possibility; leaving a sequence signature that misdirects efforts at monitoring the true originators of the crime.”

One other necessary group on this internet that receives main funding from Google (by Eric Schmidt) is the Broad Institute. George Church labored with Broad Institute’s founder and director Eric Lander on the Human Genome Venture and Church’s Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research was a founding organization of the Broad Institute. Eric Lander is a key determine within the origin of COVID-19 and its cover-up who, like Church, knew Jeffrey Epstein

The Broad Institute launched the MIT-Broad Foundry for Artificial Biology (now often known as Asimov), which is funded by the Intelligence Superior Analysis Tasks Company (IARPA)’s FELIX (Discovering Engineering-Linked Indicators) program. Ginkgo Bioworks, Bayer’s high synbio companion and the conglomerate that wolfed up no less than two of Church’s synbio start-ups, can also be a part of the FELIX staff.

Again in January 2020, FELIX made a weird try and “take a look at the veracity of on-line tales” and show that COVID-19 had a pure origin. The FELIX staff in contrast the SARS-CoV-2 genome to 58 million virus sequences, and “after solely 10 minutes of study,” it decided: 

“[A]ll areas of the SARS-CoV-2 genome match naturally-occurring coronaviruses higher than they match another organisms, together with another viruses. This evaluation signifies that no sequences from international species have been engineered into SARS-CoV-2.”

One virus that wasn’t within the database was the coronavirus created in Ralph Baric’s notorious 2015 gain-of-function experiment. He didn’t make his virus public till Could 2020, after the entire world had been questioning for months if his work to provide a bat coronavirus collected by the Predict staff the facility to leap the species barrier and infect people, could be what brought about COVID-19.

The FELIX staff additionally missed RaTG13, one other bat coronavirus collected by Predict, that the Wuhan Institute of Virology recognized in early 2020 because the closest recognized relative to SARS-CoV-2. This virus ought to have been accessible to FELIX, because it had been revealed beforehand as Ra4991.

One other actually bizarre factor concerning the FELIX assessment is that it looks like a rebuttal to “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag,” however that’s not possible as a result of the FELIX report got here out in January 2020 and the “Uncanny similarity” paper wasn’t posted till January 31, 2020. Our clairvoyant Director of Nationwide Intelligence had the foresight to debunk the HIV rumor earlier than it even acquired began!

The graphic for FELIX’s “COVID shouldn’t be genetically engineered” assertion lists viruses just like SARS-CoV-2 and viruses it says aren’t associated. It lists human immunodeficiency viruses 1-3 and marks these with a pink X, indicating there’s no genomic similarity to SARS-CoV-2. Then, it lists bat betacoronaviruses BtRs-BetaCoV/YN2018C, BtRI-BetaCoV/SC2018, and SARS-related coronavirus YNLF 31C. These viruses are linked with an arrow to the graphic of the SARS-CoV-2 genome, indicating a brief genomic distance to it.

Why such a clear and shoddy try and preemptively rebut the proof that SARS-CoV-2 was genetically engineered?

The ostensible purpose of FELIX was to have the ability to inform the distinction between a naturally occurring pathogen and one which was engineered in a lab, however the identical analysis could possibly be used to assist scientists get higher at what Ralph Baric calls the No See’m method that retains detectable fingerprints off lab creations. As one journalist defined, “If you know how to detect bioengineering, you theoretically understand how to hide your own.”

Was the true function of FELIX to cover bioengineering moderately than reveal it? In that case, the shabbiness of the evaluation can be a function not a bug. Most of what IARPA does is classified and funded from a secret budget, so there’s extra to the FELIX mission than has been revealed to the general public.

Publicly, the FELIX evaluation was portrayed as having a “junk in, junk out” problem.” It has been quietly faraway from the FELIX web site. (You may see a screenshot here.) Having “failed” in simply the suitable method, this system and its members have been rewarded with extra authorities grants. 

When Ginkgo Bioworks introduced the outcomes of the work it had achieved on FELIX since 2018 (video here), the FELIX’s 2020 COVID origins evaluation was downplayed, not talked about within the press release, and solely briefly talked about within the Q&A.

Some individuals have seemed on the proof that COVID-19 was a Plandemic and decided that it was a U.S. bioweapon focused at China.

It appears believable, however the story is sophisticated by the truth that the virus is claimed to have “leaked” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Nameless U.S. authorities sources have even named the scientists they declare have been the primary to get sick, Ben Hu Yu Ping and Yan Zhu

If China weren’t in on this charade, and have been truly attacked, they might have rebutted this with their very own affected person zero, together with proof about how they acquired contaminated. As an alternative, the Chinese language have caught with their very own model of tbe “lab leak speculation,” that the virus leaked from Fort Detrick.

SARS-CoV-2 was “chimera from Chimerica.” Why else would the Anthony Fauci of China, George Gao, have participated in Event 201?

Who within the U.S. and China have aligned pursuits {that a} Plandemic would serve?

George Church and Wang Jian.

They’re companions in Wang’s BGI, China’s largest biotech firm, which purchased Church’s Complete Genomics in 2013. On the time, BGI’s gene-sequencing capability was estimated at 10 p.c of the world’s complete, already the worldwide primary. Full Genomics gave BGI the sting in sequencing “entire human genomes.” 

The yr earlier than, in 2012, BGI had begun a collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (an Occasion 201 host). Wang stated in a press assertion: 

“Having contributed to the Human Genome Venture in addition to sequencing the genomes of many vital plant and animal species and human illnesses, together with the preliminary sequencing of the rice genome in addition to our involvement within the Rice 10,000 Genome Venture, the 1,000 Vegetation and Animals Genome Venture, the Worldwide 1,000 genomes mission, the 1,000 Uncommon Illnesses Venture, the Worldwide Most cancers Genome Venture, Autism Genome 10K, amongst others, BGI appears ahead to partnering with the Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis on this vital collaboration to use genomics analysis to profit world human well being.”

BGI’s acquisition of Full Genomics was extremely controversial and the principle objection raised was that it could give the Chinese language an edge within the growth of bioweapons. This concern had been analyzed in 2011 by a joint Chinese language-U.S. report (David R. Franz served on the committee) entitled, “Life Sciences and Related Fields: Trends Relevant to the Biological Weapons Convention” which examined quite a few bioweapons made attainable new artificial biology, together with:

  • “the malign creation of a pathogen completely by chemical artificial methods”
  • “the usage of understandings gained by pc modeling and methods biology to control organic pathways for hurt”
  • “the supply as a bioweapon of DNA encoding a pathogen toxin in order that the ensuing toxin protein is produced inside a number’s personal cells”
  • “the misuse of supplies science to encapsulate medicine and genes into bioweapons consisting of nanoparticles or ‘synthetic viruses’ for improved organic focusing on and uptake”
  • “the artificial re-creation of recognized pathogens, the mixture of sequences from a number of microorganisms to create new chimeric pathogens, and even the design and synthesis of novel pathogens”

BGI’s American competitor Illumina offered to buy Complete Genomics noting that “nationwide safety, industrial coverage, private identifier data safety and different considerations raised in reference to an acquisition … by a international state-owned entity create significant uncertainty round a BGI acquisition.” Illumina even outbid BGI, providing $123 million when BGI paid simply $118 million, however Full Genomics rejected their greater buy value, saying the Chinese language bid was of “superior high quality.”

At a 2017 Shenzhen enterprise convention, Wang Jian gave an alarming speech the place he layed out precisely how BGI’s enterprise was ideally suited to the manufacturing of organic weapons:

“So, gene synthesis is right here. Synthesize a model new gene. We synthesized a yeast. First, we synthesized a virus. Then we are able to make a micro organism. Subsequent we synthesized the yeast. How huge is the gene of a yeast? 12 million fundamental teams. Human has a gene with 3 billion fundamental teams. We achieved the extent of tens of thousands and thousands now. So, little question, within the 5 to 10 years future, we are able to synthesize any life chemically. This isn’t kidding and even threatening in public. The progress of synthetic life might be quicker than synthetic intelligence. It can deliver us extra issues in ethics, faith, philosophy and legislation. Nonetheless, no matter whether or not you want this future prospect and imaginative and prescient or not, we deliver it right here. From transgenics and gene modifying to gene synthesis. It’s a speedy and earth shaking change in just some years. Particularly the gene synthesis is performed at an industrial stage. Prior to now few years, we solely maintained the extent of one million fundamental teams per yr, however in 2018, we are able to hit the million goal simply in a single month. In 2019, we’ll make it weekly as an everyday job. By 2020, we’ll synthesize the thousands and thousands of fundamental teams day by day. What’s the indication of thousands and thousands stage day by day? E. coli has 2 million fundamental teams so we are able to make a model new micro organism in two days. We are able to make a useful micro organism and likewise could make a horrible micro organism. People have skilled the the struggle of chilly weapon, scorching weapon and atomic bombs. It should remodel to the stay weapon (biotic weapon). Extraordinarily horrible, however the prevention will probably be upgraded additionally.”

Bayer has a longstanding relationship with BGI. Collectively in 2009, Bayer and BGI were the first to sequence the entire canola genome. (That is fairly startling when you concentrate on it, as a result of it had already been genetically engineered for a decade at that time. Clearly, Monsanto had no thought what it was doing to canola once they genetically engineered it, whether or not they have been inflicting it to change into poisonous or an allergen, as a result of they couldn’t even learn the plant’s genome but!)

At present, no firm can gene-sequence quicker or cheaper than BGI, and bioweapons fears proceed to encompass the enterprise.

George Church and Robert Langer are MIT colleagues, shut associates and enterprise companions in Editas. Church is a founder of Editas, Bayer is a funder, and Langer has the corporate on his lengthy conflicts-of-interests list, together with Monsanto. Langer loves telling the story of how a $23 million Monsanto investment in Harvard in 1974 broke the previous taboo that had prevented lecturers from promoting out to firms and commercializing life science. Langer, who grew to become a billionaire throughout COVID on account of his stake in Moderna, has been known as the coronavirus common denominator. His pandemic-boosted enterprise relationships with Charles Koch seemingly clarify why Koch funded the Philip Zelikow-led COVID origins cover-up.

What can we glean from this internet of connections? Is it only a coincidence that breakthroughs in genetic engineering and artificial biology are enabling simultaneous advances in bioweapons, vaccines and Frankenfoods abruptly? And, as these applied sciences arrive, on the lookout for markets, we instantly have a convergence of occasions, together with a pandemic and what appears to be a controlled demolition of the food system, to offer a raison d’etre for these applied sciences? Is it only a coincidence that all the individuals and firms concerned appear to be in league, that they converse comfortably and overtly about the identical issues that get us labeled “conspiracy theorists” as they publicly plan the roll-out of their schemes? Is it unusual that they have been all influenced by a suicided sex-ring operator linked to the “intelligence group”?

George Church and the opposite scientists in Bayer’s circle are operating an experiment to see whether or not, like manufacturing unit farmed animals, the fashionable workforce may be penned in, prophylactically injected with prescription drugs and fed a weight-reduction plan of genetically engineered synthetics. Trendy Mengeles, they haven’t any ethical compass. They’ll produce no matter product is most worthwhile. If creating medicine for wholesome individuals makes more cash than curing the sick, so be it. If faux meals make more cash than actual farms, so be it. It doesn’t matter to them if the microbes they’re engineering are used as bioweapons or vaccines or Frankenfoods. They don’t care if their funding comes from the navy or Monsanto.

In future additions to the twenty first Century Dr. Frankensteins collection, we’ll expose them.

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