Porridge vs Congee – What’s the Distinction?

Porridge vs Congee – What’s the Distinction?

One query we hear typically round Breakfast Remedy boils all the way down to, “Porridge vs Congee – What’s the distinction?”


Porridge is outlined by the Cambridge dictionary as “a thicok, comfortable meals constructed from oats boiled in milk or water, eaten sizzling for breakfast.” Usually extra oat-based in a lot of the UK, many different grains are used to make porridge, comparable to wheat kernels, buckwheat or kasha, barley, farro, and many others., Porridge could also be cooked with much less water and eaten with a bit extra physique or comparatively thick. Loved at breakfast, porridge is generally a morning meal.


Throughout Asia, rice porridge has many names.  Some examples are congee or jook in China, juk in Korea, okayu in Japan. Different names embody kanji and kithcari in India and cháo in Vietnam.  White rice is the commonest base although different grains can be utilized. Congee can also be known as soup or broth when cooked with loads of water. A lot of the surplus fluid evaporates throughout longer cooking, and grains typically break down sufficient to be indistinguishable. Get pleasure from variations of congee morning, midday, and night time.

Porridge vs Congee – What’s the Distinction?

Hailed for its well being advantages, the oat is lauded as the best breakfast meals for the health-conscious amongst us. There are a great deal of articles by docs, scientists, and elite athletes concerning the big selection of well being and performance-enhancing vitamins contained in oat groats. Right here is a good instance from LiveStrong.

Congee, jook, and different rice porridge recipes from the previous a number of thousand years draw on the identical understanding as Conventional Chinese language Drugs (TCM) and different east and southeast Asian medical traditions. On this framework, heat meals cooked with loads of water enhance digestion and are soothing and therapeutic for all of the digestive organs.

Moist vs Dry, or Hydrating vs Dehydrating

Congee is comfortable and simple to digest. Individuals with digestive challenges and different persistent situations profit from the nice and cozy fluid crammed with vitamins which are simple to soak up. With nothing exhausting, powerful or troublesome to digest, meals of this kind strikes gently via the digestive tract, moistening and soothing the tissue because it passes via. 

Fiber is a necessary a part of a very good food regimen and demanding for good elimination. It’s only when cooked with loads of water that this fiber turns into comfortable, plump, and passes simply via the intestines. Constipation typically improves with meals ready with ample water. 


Candy or Savory? Sure, Please!

There are infinite recipes for congee and porridge. Extra porridge might be candy and congee is extra typically savory, however there are many conventional exceptions in each circumstances!

Scorching Issues!

The temperature of meals can also be vital. Fast and on-the-go meals are rising in reputation. Chinese language medication teaches that heat meals stokes the “fireplace” that fuels digestion, easing and enhancing the absorption of vitamins from the meals we eat. 

Oats, of their wonderful whole-groat conventional porridge type, mixed with rice, the supply of Qi vitality in congee, cooked along with loads of water, make a scrumptious, soothing breakfast that seems like a hug. 

Breakfast Remedy

Breakfast Remedy is congee-inspired and born in a porridge tradition. Our recipes reap the benefits of the myriad well being advantages and taste sensations of porridges and congees from all over the world. These two important breakfast bowl traditions are wholesome in comparable methods but every has distinctive advantages to bestow.  An array of substances results in quite a lot of vitamins. Complete grains supply the very best fiber and nutrient content material. Complete-grain fiber turns into fully comfortable earlier than consuming when cooked with six or extra instances the amount of water.

Breakfast Remedy is proud to hold on a convention, connecting us to our ancestors and other people throughout time and cultures. 

Listed below are a couple of cooks that encourage us as we speak.

Why We Eat Congee

Thanks to  Lucas Sin for sharing your recipe and your knowledge about congee on this video, Why We Eat Congee: 

Right here is the YouTube introduction: 

“Lucas Sin, chef of Good Day Chinese language and Junzi Kitchen, demonstrates the way to make and unpacks the historical past behind congee, a Chinese language rice porridge that has been eaten for hundreds of years. Congee is a humble dish typically eaten for breakfast, by kids, or when in poor health; the porridge’s thick, velvety texture and abundance of vitamins has made it a staple not solely in China however all over the world, via barely completely different preparations. Lucas explores shatin rooster congee, a comforting dish made with galangal-spiced poached rooster, century egg, dried scallops, and a combination of two sorts of rice. Try the recipe here.

Creativity and Native Substances

One other nice useful resource we love provides recommendation for locating what you want at your neighborhood market. One problem for any nice chef is to seek out native substances that make good substitutes for the normal selection when unavailable. TabiEats shared this excellent video a few conventional, wholesome rice porridge known as Nanakusa Gayu eaten the day after a giant New Yr’s feast as a delicate cleanse.

Discovering our roots

Going again to the ancestral traditions of our founder, we provide this Ukrainian porridge known as Kutia. You’ll discover the complete recipe within the YouTube notes. If you wish to go gluten-free with it, we recommend substituting entire gluten-free oat groats for wheat kernels.

We hope you’ve loved our exploration of porridge vs congee – what’s the distinction? Do you might have a recipe, story, or household custom of any variation of porridge that you simply’d prefer to share? We’d like to proceed this dialog, so please drop us a line at hi [email protected]

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